Terms of Use

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1. About BEBEEZY

BEBEEZY is a business name, whose main business activity is connected with the development and management of a technology platform and it is registered in the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 56535 under the name of its owner CHAIVAN ENTERPRISES LTD, a limited liability company registered under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus with registration number 410550 and registered office situated at Perneri, HOUSE 3A, Tala, 8577, Paphos, Cyprus (the “Company”).

The Company by using its business name BEBEEZY shall operate an online shopping platform (the “Platform”) through which certain local stores situated in the Republic of Cyprus can offer their products for sale and individuals can buy such products by downloading the web application via Google Play or App Store (the “APP”), directly from the website www.bebeezy.app. (the “Website”).

The Company shall act as the operator of the Website and the Platform by using its business name BEBEEZY. The users (the “User/s”) will enter into an online market place as visitors, browse through the products and items which are available for purchase from a variety of merchants/sellers and at the same time review the services which BEBEEZY provides and create a BEBEEZY account via the APP by registering their personal data and following the required registration steps.

BEBEEZY is dedicated to providing a seamless and convenient Platform for every merchant in the Republic of Cyprus who will be able to easily register and own an e-store, which reduces operating costs, increases sales channels, and helps the entire market to rotate more actively.  At the same time BEBEEZY will provide various services for the Users of the Website to enjoy online shopping tailored to their personal needs and preferences.

The goal of BEBEEZY is to make online shopping in Cyprus more convenient and interesting for the Users and give the opportunity to every merchant/seller to participate via the Platform and develop their businesses.

BEBEEZY is made by a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about using technology, eager to solve real-world problems and constantly innovating and improving the APP with the purpose to provide the users with a safe and secure platform for conducting transactions. Most importantly, BEBEEZY has incorporated state-of-the-art security measures that protect both buyers and sellers from fraud and other malicious activities.

BEBEEZY is inviting individuals who are looking for a simple, convenient and reliable way to buy and sell products to join the BEBEEZY community today.

2. Services

BEBEEZY shall solely undertake to maintain and operate securely the Platform that is available via the Website, thus BEBEEZY is unable to assume any responsibility for the quality of the products or for the proper provision of the services offered directly by the merchants to the Users.

BEBEEZY is committed to provide the Users a safe and secure Platform for conducting transactions, where they can purchase products/items directly from stores owned by merchants/sellers and conduct transactions with them on the Platform. Once a purchase is made, the Users is entering into a remote agreement with the merchant/s who are selling the product/s/item/s, for the purchase and delivery of product, thus the merchant is responsible to the User for the sale and purchase of the product/s/item/s.

The services provided via the APP can solely be used by persons who are over 18 years of age.

Legal use of the services provided by BEBEEZY means the User’s unreserved acceptance of the terms herein and compliance when using those services with the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

BEBEEZY does not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted and secure access to the services available on the Website, as its operation is likely to be affected by external factors that cannot be controlled.

3. Terms of Use

All Users by voluntarily creating a profile, acknowledge and expressly and unambiguously agree to the whole content of the Legal Information and Terms and Conditions, including any other documentation which may be available under the section of Legal Information and Terms and Conditions and to all the applicable Policies which are available on the Website.

The Legal Information and the Terms and Conditions, together with the Policies contained on the Website set out the legal terms that apply for the use of the Website, the APP and the Platform.

The Users are advised to read carefully the content of Legal Information and the Terms and Conditions and the applicable Policies and make sure that those are understood before using the available services via the Website.

When certain words and phrases are used within the content of each section of the Legal Information and Terms and Conditions, including the Policies, those are identified with capital letters and are referred to as defined terms. The Users can identify these defined terms because they start with capital letters (even if they are not at the start of a sentence).

The purpose of headings is to help the Users to locate information and understand the content of the legal content, and those terms have the same meaning on the present as well as in the context of the Policies.

The Legal Information and the Terms and Conditions and the applicable Policies are only available in the English language.

Users who wish to become customers of the Platform must meet the following requirements:

  • At least complete 18 years of age.
  • Truthfully complete the mandatory fields of the registration form requesting personal information (data) such as the user’s name, e-mail address, telephone number and bank card number.
  • Acknowledge and agree to terms of use.

The User warrants that all the information regarding his/her identity and capacity provided via the APP is true, accurate and complete. In addition, the User undertakes to keep his/her details up to date and accurate.

4. Access and Registration

When registering on the Platform, Users must choose a username and password. Both the username and the password are strictly confidential, personal and non-transferable. The Users undertake not to disclose the details of their account or allow access thereto to third parties. Users shall be solely responsible for any use of such details that may be made by third parties, including for statements made on the Platform or any other actions carried out under their username and/or password.

BEBEEZY cannot guarantee the identity of registered Users, and it will therefore not be liable for the use by unregistered third parties of a registered User’s identity. Users must immediately send an inquiry via email to info@bebeezy.app. if their username or password is stolen, disclosed or lost.

In order to complete their registration on the Platform, Users must provide certain information, and once the registration process is completed, all Users can access their profile and complete or edit it, and/or deregister, as they deem appropriate.

As BEBEEZY cannot guarantee the identity of registered Users, the Users are obliged to inform BEBEEZY if they have evidence that the credit card associated with their BEBEEZY account has been stolen and/or is being fraudulently used by a third party.

5. Activation of Services

The services provided by BEBEEZY are activated once the registration process is completed via the APP, enabling the Users to initiate transactions on the Platform by purchasing products/items directly by the merchants. Once the order is placed on the Platform, the Users immediately change their status and become customers of BEBEEZY.

When a User who is registered as a customer needs assistance with an inquiry, he/she must go to the online Platform or the APP and use the chat room in order to communicate the matter with the merchant/seller. If the matter is related to the Platforms’ operation, then the customers may contact directly BEBEEZY via email at info@bebeezy.app.

The customers are solely responsible for providing the correct addresses for delivery and collection services. BEBEEZY and the merchants/sellers are released from any liability for negligence or error in the collection or delivery of the order as a result of the supply of incorrect addresses. As a result of the foregoing, the customer shall bear the cost resulting from the provision of an incorrect address for collection and delivery of products/items.

If the courier is not able reach the customer, then the courier service company shall retain the product/s at its premises and the customer may pick up the product at any time from the premises of the courier service company. The courier will not be liable for the deterioration or expiry of the said product/s which the courier is assigned to deliver to the customer, if the customer is not responding to receive the delivery on time.

Once the delivery has been completed, the courier shall give the customer the receipt for such product. All this without prejudice to the electronic receipt for the service that will be received by the customer at the e-mail address associated with his/her account.

6. Payment Methods

The price of the product and/or service shall be as stated by the merchants, who are registered with BEBEEZY and offer their products through their online stores on the Platform. However, the customer assumes that the price of some of the products may vary in real time due to stock availability at the stores appearing on the Platform, and that the customer will in any event always be told the final cost at check out before final payment.

All payment transactions are executed via Viva Payment Services Single Member S.A. (Viva Payments), a licensed electronic-money licensed institution with established branch in the Republic of Cyprus. The customer may pay for the services by credit or debit card (VISA or Mastercard) via ViVa Payments. At the check-out of the order, the customers will be informed of the payment options and they must provide their credit or debit card details in order to complete the payment. BEBEEZY will not store card numbers on its servers and can only view the last four digits of the card. The full information shall be stored on the servers of the payment service provider.

7. Promotion Terms and Conditions                                                                       

The customers shall benefit from promotional codes which will be valid on selected brands and items only at the discretion of BEBEEZY,that has the right to determine the promotional code in cooperation with the merchants who will offer their products through the online shops via the Website.

BEBEEZY reserves the right to withdraw or amend promotions at any time. Any promotional discounts or promotional codes are non-transferable. Specific terms and conditions and requirements may apply for certain promotional codes or discounts or programs, in addition to the present.

Any promotions will be automatically applied at checkout, and minimum spend applies (the amount must be spent in a single transaction). Certain promotions must be entered manually by the customers at the final stage of the purchase (at checkout). Promotional codes must be correctly entered in the APP before placing the order, otherwise it will not take effect and the customer will be unable to enjoy the promotional benefits. BEBEEZY does not bear any responsibility for promotional codes which must be entered manually.

All expired promotional discounts/codes cannot be reactivated.

BEBEEZY reserves the right to cancel the promotional codes offered on its discretion or if it becomes aware of a fraudulent use thereof (such as a person exchanging a promotion code when he or she is not its lawful recipient, the mass transfer of codes, etc.). In addition, reserves the right to apply sanctions to users for the amount defrauded to the Company.

8. Right of Withdrawal

The customer has the right to withdraw an order within 24 (twenty-four) hours and no charges shall apply provided that the merchant did not dispatch the order.

If the order is cancelled after 24 (twenty-four) hours and the order is dispatched, then the customer is no longer entitled to cancel the purchase free of charge. In this case, the customer shall be charged a fee 1.02% on the amount of purchase.

In addition, the provisions of the Cancellation Policy shall apply.

In the event, the initial personal information of the customer is changed, including the delivery address, BEBEEZY bears no responsibility. In the case where a new delivery address is added by the customer, the previous delivery indicating the previous order shall be cancelled and the customer is obliged to pay the applicable delivery costs as the customer will be ordering a new delivery service. If the city changes by the customer after placing an order, then the Cancellation Policy shall apply and the customer is obliged to pay the resulting costs.

BEBEEZY has the right to withdraw a purchase order at any time if any of the above events occur and/or if any of the events mentioned in the Cancellation Policy occur, thus the provisions of the Cancellation Policy shall apply.

9. Collection of Location Data

BEBEEZY has the right to collect, use and share the exact location data and the User’s computer or mobile device exact location given that the User authorized such action. The Users have the option to disable the location on their devices.

BEBEEZY will take the User’s location data and use it for assignment purposes such as collection and delivery. In this event, the User expressly consents to their location data being shared with a third party who shall be responsible to carry out the assignment.

10. General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

BEBEEZY is committed to protecting the privacy and the personal data that are collected by those who are registered and using the services via the Website. The Company who is the owner of BEBEEZY is the controller for the purposes of the General Data Protection Regulation (the “GDPR”) and abides the provisions of the European privacy law that protects the rights of individuals with respect to the processing of personal data.

All personal data and/or any other personal information of the Users cannot be collected without the consent of the Users. By using the BEBEEZY services, Users directly give consent for their personal data to be collected and further processed by BEBEEZY.

BEBEEZY acknowledges that the technology used in order to provide the services via the Website meets the regulatory compliance requirements. The Users have the right and they are responsible to manage their own data and they are able to amend and/or delete those as they wish.

The Users have the right to request from BEBEEZY to stop processing their personal data, however BEBEEZY has the right to use it again provided that there are valid grounds to do so pursuant to the GDPR Law, and usually those must be used for the defense of legal claims and/or for any other protection purposes.

For any questions and/or other enquiries in relation to the User’s GDPR rights, you are advised to contact the Data Collection Officer:

Email: info@bebeezy.app.

11. Obligations of the Users

The Users are fully responsible for the proper use of the Platform and should comply with the Legal Information and Terms and Conditions, the Policies of BEBEEZY, and the current legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

BEBEEZY is not responsible for the personal data the Users’ insert in the Platform, and the Users undertake not to use their profile and in general the Platform and/or the Website and/or the APP for illegal purposes that cause damage to BEBEEZY, its intellectual property and/or to third parties.

Any User who fails to abide with the present obligations shall be liable for loss or damage, and BEBEEZY has the right to take all relevant and applicable legal actions as per the current legislation against any person who considers that has cause loss or damage.

Actions that can cause loss or damage, include without limitation, altering or modifying the content of the Platform in any way, infringing intellectual property rights and the GDPR rules, accessing other User’s account and insulting, defaming and in general causing damage to other users, introducing viruses causing damage to BEBEEZY’s software and to its customers and advertising products or services without the consent of BEBEEZY.

BEBEEZY reserves the right to remove any User from the Platform permanently without warning, and if it is considered proper reactivate such account.

12. Responsibilities of BEBEEZY

ΒEΒEEZY is responsible to provide the Platform and if any incidents and/or problems occur by accessing the Platform those should be reported by the Users directly to BEBEEZY via email at info@bebeezy.app.

BEBEEZY bears no responsibility for content that is uploaded through the Platform externally by the Users and for any service interruptions, connection errors and/or any other faults that are beyond BEBEEZY’s control, including but not limited, to any hardware or software errors resulting from viruses in the User’s computer system or mobile device.

The responsibility of how the Platform is used is on the Users who are obliged to make proper use according to the terms and conditions and policies that are published on the Website. BEBEEZY bears no liability for damages due to the Users’ illegal use of the Platform or due to the information given by Users to other Users about themselves being untrue, no longer valid, incomplete and/or false and, in particular and without limitation, for any loss or damage of any kind that may arise due to a User impersonating a third party in any kind of communication made through the Platform.

In addition, BEBEEZY accepts no responsibility for the use or for any orders that may be made by a third party from the User’s account.

BEBEEZY reserves the right to fully or partly restrict certain Users’ access to the Platform, as well as to cancel, suspend, block or remove certain types of content, by means of suitable technological tools, if it becomes aware that the activity or the information stored is illegal or harmful to a third party’s rights or property.

BEBEEZY may, at its sole discretion, permit Users to submit, upload, publish or otherwise make available to BEBEEZY any textual, audio, and/or visual content and information regarding services provided by BEBEEZY, including e.g commentary, order chat, support and feedback, initiation of support requests, and submission of entries for competitions and promotions, and any other relevant User content. Any such kind of user content provided remains property of the Users and are covered under the legislation of the Republic of Cyprus.

For the effective execution of the customer’s order and the best quality of interaction with the merchants, BEBEEZY may share certain information, including the details indicated by the Users in the support chat or by means of any other User content.

13. Warranties of BEBEEZY

BEBEEZY gives no warranties regarding the authenticity, accuracy, novelty, reliability, lawfulness or non-infringement of third-party rights. In this regard, Users acknowledge that they understand that BEBEEZY is owned by the Company which is an independent entity that provides the Platform for the customers and merchants/sellers to interact, and it accepts no liability arising from the information provided by couriers or for any loss or damage or for the availability of couriers or for their adequate and satisfactory performance of assignments.

BEBEEZY is not responsible and makes no guarantees regarding any couriers or their identity or background information. Notwithstanding the foregoing, BEBEEZY may potentially carry out additional checks and put into motion procedures designed to help check or verify the identity of couriers, however this is not an essential requirement and BEBEEZY bears no responsibility about courier’s profile.

The Users accept that any claims they wish to bring for legal liability arising from actions or omissions of other Users of the Platform or third parties shall be restricted to such Users or third parties, and no actions for liability may be taken against BEBEEZY.

14. Updated and Amendments

BEBEEZY reserves the right to amend and/or update the present Legal Information and Terms and Conditions, including the Policies, which are available on the Website at any time and without prior notice. Users must carefully read all those when accessing the Platform.

The Users acknowledge that they are responsible to review constantly the Website for any changes that may occur.

In addition, BEBEEZY reserves the right to update, amend or delete the information contained on its Platform, at any time and without prior notice, with regard to its layout, presentation and access conditions, without thereby accepting any liability in relation thereto.

All defined terms and/or words mentioned in the present Legal Information and Terms and Conditions and the sub-sections shall also apply in the context of the Policies of BEBEEZY, and those may be amended and/or updated at any time at the sole discretion of BEBEEZY.

15. Intellectual Property and Copyrights

The Company is the owner or licensee of all intellectual and industrial property rights included on the Platform as well as of the contents that can be accessed through it. The intellectual property rights of the Platform, as well as the text, images, graphic design, browsing structure, information and contents included therein are the property of the Company, who has the exclusive right to exercise the exploitation rights therein in any manner, in particular the rights of reproduction, distribution, publication and transformation, in accordance with the Cyprus legislation on intellectual and industrial property rights.

The User’s authorization to access the Platform does not imply the waiver, transfer, licensing or full or partial assignment by the Company of any intellectual or industrial property rights. Deleting, bypassing or in any way tampering with the contents of the Platform are all prohibited. In addition, modifying, copying, reusing, exploiting, reproducing, publicizing, making second or subsequent publications of, uploading files, sending by post, transmitting, using, processing or distributing in any way all or some of the contents included in the Platform for public or commercial purposes are also prohibited.

Any User who shares any content of any kind through the Platform asserts that he/she has the necessary rights to do so, releasing the Company from any liability regarding the content and lawfulness of the information supplied. By providing content through the Platform, Users assign to the Company, free of charge and to the maximum extent permitted by the current legislation, the exploitation rights on the intellectual or industrial property arising from such content.

16. Severability

If any of the clauses, paragraphs and sub-sections of the present Legal Information and Terms and Conditions is found to be void by operation of law or voidable, it shall be deemed not to have been included. Such declaration of nullity will not cause the rest of the provisions of the present to be void, and the present shall remain valid and effective between the relevant parties involved.

17. Applicable Legislation

The contractual relationship between the Company and the Users shall be construed pursuant to the present provisions whose construction, validity and enforcement shall be governed by the Cyprus Law, and any disputes shall be submitted to the Courts of Cyprus. The applicable legislation, includes all the relevant legislation which it is in effect in the Republic of Cyprus, and any amendments to such legislation that may take effect from time to time. Any dispute resolutions that may occur should be construed in accordance with the laws of the European Union. Any issues that may arise between the parties involved, should initially be negotiated internally between the Company and the other party involved.